Welcome to our new-look site. If you have visited before or taken one of our courses, you’ll notice three major changes.

Firstly, as well as our online masterclasses we will now be creating regular collaborative free resources. We believe that as a coaching community, the more we help each other to collectively hone our coaching skills, the greater the impact coaching can create in the world.

Angus Fletcher on Coaching in Nature

Secondly, we are continuing to partner with leading coach trainers to share their expertise with you through our popular online masterclasses. We’ve moved our courses to a new technology platform. This helps us to provide a consistently good service for users, and gives us scope to implement new online-teaching technologies and ideas.

We are thrilled that our flagship course, Coaches Going Corporate, has now helped coaches in more than 35 countries to build their confidence and skills working with corporate and logical-minded clients. We are also very proud to be partnering with the Humanitarian Coaching Network this year to train hundreds of their coaches. We have new courses under development and will continue to partner with leading coach-trainers to bring you specialist online masterclasses.

Coaches Going Corporate has trained coaches in over 35 countries

And finally, we’ve overhauled the look of the site. We see a positive future for the coaching industry and for our brand, and wanted to reflect this positivity with bright colours and friendly illustrations.

We hope you like the seeds you see here of our new content. We look forward to growing our range of resources this year, and we want to include you all, either as viewers or participants.

I’d love to know what you think and what you’d like to see more of, so please email me anytime at gwen@boomboomgo.com.

Gwen Knowles
Director, Boom Boom Go