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Free online coaching classes

Have you seen the free taster for Lori Shook's online Coaches Going Corporate masterclass? Lori chose the taster classes to ensure that you get immediate learning and value. The taster includes advanced coaching demos on:

  • The difference between inspirational and foundational values
  • How to stay in relationship with a client who is upset with you
  • Role-playing 'conflict' to help a client manage their emotional response to difficult conversations
  • Ways to encourage resistant clients to opt-in to your more creative coaching tools
  • Using your client's 'inner board' to help them explore their wisdom selves and inner resources

And much much more...

The course includes a wide range of coaching demonstrations.

These free classes are designed to give you the confidence and skills to do personal development coaching with even the most logical-minded client.

Try the free taster classes today.

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