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Coaches Going Corporate

Created and presented by Lori, Coaches Going Corporate is designed to give you the confidence and skills to do personal development coaching in corporate environments, and with logical-minded clients.

This innovative course maximises the benefits of online learning by using animations to simplify the neuroscience behind your coaching tools; and coupling coaching demos with in-depth teaching to reinforce new skills.

Perfect to fit around a busy schedule — you can take video lessons at your own pace, and use the real-world exercises to incorporate your new advanced skills into your own coaching practice.

The course includes a wide range of coaching demonstrations.

Lori has been a Master Certified Coach since 2001 and is passionate about training coaches. Lori has taught and supervised coaches for over 18 years, and has coached countless clients in Fortune 500 companies, startups and public service organisations. She has developed ways to bring personal development to corporate and logical-minded clients and is passionate about training other coaches to do the same.

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